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Our premise is to offer the maximum quality of food which is safe for consumption


Innovation is at our backbone. We are the first company in the garlic Spanish market to introduce such high-quality packaging. DoyPack (Pouch).

We adapt our packaging to the new needs of our client and consumers by means of a multi-layer system designed to offer the best conservation of the product and the best protection against external agents such as light and moisture.

DOYPACK+ZIPPER: We use a DOYPACK (Pouch) packaging, which is versatile and functional, and appropriate for everyone thanks to its user-friendliness .

It consists of three layers of laminated bags with an aluminum barrier to guarantee a major durability of the product. Also, the Zipper closure will allow the product to be re-sealed after every use.

It is an environmentally friendly product, since it uses 75 {94ca954634376ec6893a818789baaccb5773953f129e8ca11e35883ccac50ad1} less plastic compared with other rigid containers. The printing of the bags has not impact on the product, since the ink remains between the layers.

This innovation within the garlic market allows us to offer a product which always offers the maximum quality and guarantees high-quality safety and hygiene standards.

I+DWe design and introduce, by means of a co-working process, of an innovative production line, custom-built which allows us to improve in the aspects of production, safety and homogeneity of the product.

In addition, we work hard to introduce innovative products anticipating customers’ requirements and new trends of the sector regarding a healthy diet.


AEC: Asociación Española para la Calidad

QAECOur commitment to quality starts from the beginning of the creation of the company. We are members of the Spanish Association for Quality since April 14, 2015.

AECOC: La asociación de fabricantes y distribuidores

AECOCWe become part of the AECOC since April 30, 2015. With the GS1 code we can offer our customers a system of coding and identification of standardized products on the market.



Identificaction, evaluation and control of hazards associated with the production through the effective implementation of a system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

We are actively working to achieve the following certifications:

BRC Food (British Retail Consortium):

Ensures product safety in manufacturing processes. Maximum quality assurance. Export indispensable requirement in Britain..


Guarantess that the products have been produced or processed in accordance wih the rules of organic farming and have been monitored in the whole process of production, processing, packaging and marketing.


Quality control system for food according to Jewish rules (KOSHER). It ensures that production meets the standards and specifications required quality.

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