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The origins of our black garlic product are centuries old, and are of Korean origin. Since its beginnings, it was presented as a product of health which increased the longevity of its consumers. Korean culture, in its enthusiasm for fermenting food in order to obtain new and elegant flavors, originated what nowadays is called a Superfood: Black Garlic.

Black Garlic UMAMI®

The black garlic umami has the perfect mix of sweet and salty flavours, and a texture both soft and hard that melts in the mouth. Upon contact with the palate it releases its intense balsamic flavours, which have the tones of liquorice and chocolate. 
Ah, but do not worry! … black garlic umami is not spicy, and does not smell like typical garlic.


The Black Garlic is capable of provoking a flavor explosion in our mouths which is difficult to define: it is called UMAMI. UMAMI is known as the fifth flavor, and is defined as "tasty". In honesty, we love the flavor UMAMI, but we cannot describe it to you. If you've never experienced this delectable flavor before, you're in for a real treat.

energiaEnergy is one of the main benefits of black garlic. It is a powerful, natural, energizing and invigorating nutrient. After a long and careful 100{94ca954634376ec6893a818789baaccb5773953f129e8ca11e35883ccac50ad1} natural fermentation process, the medicinal properties are increased by eight times those of traditional garlic. 
¡A single clove of black garlic contains the same energy as 1 head of traditional garlic!
 Nowadays we all recognize the activities which wear us out intellectually or physically, and require extra energy (sports, to shop, to work, to take care of the children, to study …); the consumption of black garlic will help us obtain the sufficient energy needed every day. It is believed that its energizing power lasts for approximately 8 hours. We recommend consuming between 2-3 cloves of black garlic a day on an empty stomach or as an extra flavor to our meals – or even DIRECTLY TO THE PALATE!

Looking after our diets and enriching the body while we enjoy our meals is very simple: we have only to choose ours favorites #alimentosFFF and incorporate them into our diet. Black garlic is distinguished by its high content of essential amino acids, which are elementary substances in keeping our immune systems healthy and to maintain vitality. Black garlic contains 18 of 20 essential amino acids for the human body!!

Interesting facts about some amino acids:

  • Licina: enriches the antibodies of the immune system.
  • Isoleucina: Forms and repairs muscular tissue.
  • Metionina: Essential for protein synthesis.
  • Fenilanina: Important to the production of collagen and for the skin.
  • Treonina: Helps to detoxify.

Healthy properties:

  • Antibiotic
  • Antiseptic
  • Circulatory
  • Hypertensile
  • Expectorants
  • Diuretic
  • Digestive
  • Antirust

juventudIn Thailand they call black garlic the product that “lengthens the life” of the one who takes it. Black garlic fights against aging, controls the hormones, increases the function of ovaries and testicles, helps fight fatigue and prevents arterial hypertension, helping blood cells to stay healthy and active. 
THINK! … If every day your life expectancy became longer: WOULDN'T IT ALSO EXTEND YOUR YOUTH??

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